where the writers are
Hold me if I fail
hold me


You have written less

But straight on face 

Forced me to think 

But I am ready to sink 


It is not kiss 

That I miss

But your nature 

For which I am sure


You are real 

As I feel 

And make a deal 

And dare to steal 


Not in song

Even I go wrong

Bring me on right course

You have that mission of course


I shall stay with you and commit

With smile on face and greet 

Will you be my fair lady forever?

To say it yes and part with never 


Holding a hand will not do

You got to be sincere and true 

As I shall be ready to pass through 

And try all the means to woo


Hold me if I fall

Respond me if I call

As I shall never be same again

Under your magical spell to remain