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Hands with prayer
hands with prayer


Hands with prayer


Oh God and almighty, Shower some pity

There lies eternal and divine beauty

I feel and want to be part of every moment 

Whether it memorable or sad movement


So wonderful world to live in with blessings

Courageous stand when comes for facing

Not loosing faith for single second

Even if life is simple writing on sand


Each and every moment makes me feel closer

I never felt that I was any time looser

You were my guiding spirit and force

I had to cut never a sorry or to feel curse


As human I need be part of every move

But belief and faith need not be proved

I shall stick to imposition of divine vision

That shall stand every time to remove the confusion


What can’t be had if has desired?

Your every effort is appreciated and admired

You are dear sons and daughters

It is his duty to send you with laughter


Love to live any situation

Believe in grace with its continuation

If that has to be lived with means to be lived

The path carved out for us is to be simply believed


You may look back at the end and evaluate

Your mind will be firm and will never fluctuate

It will be happiness that had been all the times

You might have erred and disbelieved sometimes


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Hands with prayers

Kavitha Rani Nice guidelines for the much feared path of human life..we always count the troubles..ignoring the blessings. 4 hours ago · Like

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Syed Meraj Ahmad really a prayer ! 6 hours ago · Like


Send message | DeleteSylvia Frances Chan

But belief and faith need not be proved...I fully agree with this line! The building up of this poem is brilliant!! Excellent poem, Sir!


Send message | Deleterobyn selters

a faith can sure give some a sense of certainty... even if at times there is disbelief