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Good relation

A soul soaked in divine love

Can hardly afford to live

Think contrary and believe

Precious live to be thought over and relive


You will never allow you to think

Slight deviation may not force you to sink

Little ups and down in life can alter nothing

If you have truest like something


Nothing must rule over mind

Little creative activity to find

Most lovable part will be kindness at heart

Life to be lived with good start


Bitterness has no place at any stage

We may have to pass through various stages

Try to come out from dark and cage

Think of golden worlds written on page


World may live on indefinitely

All creatures whether good or bad may survive definitely

Why should we think of other side of the hill?

When we are committed to peace and good will


Surrender to thee as foolish child

Leave it to Him even if you go wild

Some way may be opened for you

You will certainly get through


To err is human

But don’t act inhuman

Live exemplary as man or woman

So you can face bravely when summoned


Love the fellow being as his follower

Some of them may holly and can be found in fewer

We may be mistaken them by default

This can be called clear fault


Love may last longer than expected

World and people a large may be acted

It is give and take equation

Strong bond is only answer for good relation


Reap as you sow

Receive back as you throw

All action with equal reaction

Why to speak of all ill actions?


Let love take over hatred

Come forward to be lead

Fine moments may definitely be read

When you are no more and considered as dead