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Golden page
golden page


Husband is rare animal

Wife may feel happiness on his arrival

He is only cute and obeying pet

Obliges all the requests and let


What does she do then?

Looks after all small needs even

Fine gesture when leaves home

In the evening at gate to welcome


She knows husband is pipeline

Her only way for survival and lifeline

She can’t force any sideline

As he has already drawn the line


What compels them not to divide?

Care for each other and provide

All comforts and solace in grief

Keep relations sweet and still brief


Rather to be happy for kin

Both are happy and very keen

It is reflected and seen

The world had nicely been


They are indeed

A bridge in need

What they are really expected?

Sentiments and love for each other respected


Wife may look like knife

Double edged weapon to create strife

Still eager for peace

As life to be spent at ease


Let all wives come on stage

Celebrate the occasion with advancement of age

Write with golden words about nice cage

Make all borderlines glitter with golden page


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 Asmi Rao Lovely poem

 Asmi Rao

Lovely poem !


 vincent michael

Wonderfull And Excellents Thank You hasmukh amathalal

 ♪♥♬ >•♥ ScOr..


 sky high

couples must love each other especially husband and wife...its the lifeline they have to hold on to..til death do us part!!! thanks hasmukh 

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Golden page


 ❤♫❤Amarela❤♫ ❤

<<<Husband is rare animal 
Wife may feel happiness on his arrival 
He is only cute and obeying pet 
Obliges all the requests and let >>>> wonderful....ha ha ha... 


 Martina L.

Very well said



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 mourad MESSAO..

Good God-fearing husband * loves * good for people is estimated liability of $ * is seeking the right for the Hereafter and strives in the world * jovial * * Rafiq Hakim and his wife loves her family * keeps his promises


Manju Suri  ‎Hasmukh Amathalal
Par excellence...with a brilliance...only shorten the length having no grievance...!!!
I am just teasing with no common sense...only words can bring to limelight a woman's prominence...!!!

17 hours ago  · Like