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Go for stroll

Be earthly child

You may definitely find

Not only natural colors

But good humors too


Birds may be flying here and there

You may not think bad and dare

Lovely surrounding with nice atmosphere

Mind at rest with no more fear



With so much fineness

What freshness on face

Peace and no chase


Everything is to be found at ease

New energy to release

No more noise please

Nothing to worry and nothing to tease


Little space with easy walk

Total silence with no more talk

Inhale fresh air and breath

Make it habit till your death


Know where you belong to

Life and facts remain true

Judge the course and action

Calm composure with no more reaction


Enjoy moment with happiness and pleasure

Settle for while and make it sure

Nature will guide you to reach an ultimate

Think of futile mission and its fate

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go for stroll

Torty Abasi Tortivie I enjoyed the easy flow. 4 minutes ago via mobile ·  
Maya Dearth I do so love the poetry. It is all things. This so peaceful yet all in the same vein :) wonderful. ♥ 5 minutes ago · Like