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Go alone
go alone


Go alone


One has to travel it alone

It is like surviving onslaught of cyclone

The life has made you for what you wanted to be

Resolute in mind, independent and totally free  


You can decide the destiny

Having trust and faith in almighty

Certain things you may or have not

The desperate bid has to be made and force the way out  


The relation built here are on temporary basis

There are no set views based on any thesis

It is one’s own mind that has to be read

Catch the path and go forward to lead


One may lead the life in isolation

As he may not find time to build the relation

The lovely companion in life is matter of luck

The ship always remains ground and struck


You have tried many times but failed

The chances were there but not availed

Something struck to your mind and it flopped

You were not encouraged and all the time stopped


You missed the bus as it was full

You made attempt were not successful

You could get in to occupy the place

But you had no resolve to find out and chase


You waited for someone to enter life

To walk hand in hand and to be called wife

It remained a dream and time passed away

You just waited for and gave the way 


It will always be good to have someone

To look after in bad time and have fun

life is not merely probing ground to make run

but make it beautiful and worthwhile in turn