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Man is not made known by his richness

But by simple logic of his humbleness

A poor man can be so rich in his heritage

Rest all the qualities come in later stage


“Will you like a glass of water” asked old man

It was scorching heat for any human

I was on way to a another town

Had chosen path of my own


I could read those worry lines

He was still standing on side line

He was no relative but only a stranger

I was much impressed and wanted to know more


This morning only someone had asked me question

What really makes man rich in sense and in relation?

I was in dilemma to answer but it touched inner core

I had to struggle hard for answer and explore


I thought of this old man and got answer

Such qualities may be had by fewer

They are happiest persons in the world

I would be so much lucky if find such safe fold


“Not by what you get but by what you give”

“Not by revenge but how you pardon or forgive”

These were all good signs of richness

This gave me an answer and brought shine on the face


It may necessary to have enough of fortune

Luxury and comfort in life with harmony and tune

Yet it is not everything if we compare to what others have

Kind gesture makes them rich and brave


The life has taught us to be little liberal

We may not spend on causes considered to be noble

Yet turn out and behavior makes it all important

Rich or poor may just be stage but one should not be ignorant