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Gentleman manner

Gentleman manner

He was drunk and unconscious
Knew nothing what had made him famous
It was excessive drink and no control over action
People used to hate him with hostile reaction

He was kind at heart but no gentleman like manner
In this civilized he was just new and beginner 
He always took care not to disturb any one
This was the only reason he was least hated one 

No one has been successful so far
To come out of old habits and shine like star
Doe he not know that it was ruining his reputation?
He knew it well but had little hesitation

Every day he will take oath not to drink
But strong urge may make him to sink
He will resort to same old habit
Drink more to loose control and faint

“I want to improve” he told me in person
He was helpless and cited many reasons 
Some thing serious had taken place
He wanted to escape from intense chase 

He was punishing himself and suffering 
He had nothing else for offering 
He will fold the hand and request
Apologize for bad conduct and wish the best 

Everybody liked his behavior
He was kind and known for good humor 
I always sided with him for his bad habit
Otherwise he was good man and as human very much fit