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Funny love
funny love

Love to luvie( honey)
But do not be funny 
Love her full
But do not make her fool

See her beautiful smile
But do not allow her to go by miles
Keep her near and offer warmth 
Whisper in ears and observe the breath 

“I will die” she uttered
“Just try” I erred
She got damn wild and angry 
I consoled her with “sorry” 

Love is not easy 
And almost keeps very busy 
If no word is received
Whole world seems to be deceived

I long for her
And equally bother 
She seems to be afraid
But conditions are not laid 

She wants to be prisoner
Of my eyes and rest on shoulder
I let her to remain free and frank
She fainted and almost sank 

Oh god! What kind of love is this?
I forget many things and miss
She has full control of my each nerve
Each pulse rushed to her to serve

How do I feel in her absence? 
As love has not come to me by chance
It was her initiative and approach
I must stick to words and promises as such