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Full military honor
full military honor
full military honor

I open eyes 

I open eyes to see new world
Come out from night’s strong fold
Just find the existence and remember him
As if watching the scene in film 

What am I on this beautiful earth?
Why is it that I fear of death?
Is the life not that worth to live?
I shut the eyes and start to believe

I am hale and hearty 
That is what I am and gift from the almighty 
I have every reason to be loyal
Lead a life of devotion and simple

As soon as I think of my being 
It has lot more to think and bring 
I earnestly go deep and pray
Oh god, simply lead me the way 

I had been ignorant and still continue to be 
Now I can’t go a step further and view
Life’s own burden without blessings
This is the only aspect that is missing 

Give me strength and confidence power
That shall surge me ahead and empower
To stand fast against any problem 
Solve it with kind direction and settle them 

I shall endeavor to use all my belief
And concentrate not on immediate relief
I need no one on my side except you 
I shall then be able to swim through 

I find first ray of sun shine 
That makes me to believe in divine
The moon, the sun and all about stars
As I live on earth looking from very far 

I am unsure of coming to life again 
When go in sleep without gain
If I had plenty of graceful blessings
I am sure of victory after powerful chasing