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Full blossom
full boom

Oh no, it is full blossom

Whole garden is full of boom

Roses of all kind are in race

They have opened up fully with face


It adds to the beauty of nature

Spring is giving indication for sure

Small or big trees are looming large

Complete environment is full of young age


I have crossed age of sixteen

That you can say stepping out of teen

I feel body changes in unusual way

Something new is striking in mind all the day


When I stand before mirror

I find behavioral error

I feel like creating scene

The big change that I had not seen


“You look dashing and impressive”

Many friends may indicate in private to be active

For close relation and have some kind of company

For sincerely speaking I used to stare at many


My eyes were proving all that naughty

But I am always choosey

Not to give easily for any kind of relation

But yes changes were pushing me with some indication


As a child or teen I used to be very shy

That was till this time and I wished not to try

Even though people used to address me as intelligent and smart

Some of the things I never wanted to depart


I felt like flying in the air

With total freedom to be very fair

Some of the friends tried to take advantage 

But I was cautious enough to manage


As seasons have tendency to change

I too have experienced it with growing age

Some of the changes have become known to me first time

I still feel mystery over it sometimes