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We are still not confident of our abilities

We lack confidence and ignore capabilities

Every individual has stored and reserved capacity

This is considered as one of the finest unknown quality


How come a person reacts angrily at failure?

Within a second he braces up to make it sure 

As if nothing has happened to deter him for goal

Now he as to start afresh with another call


He need go for any special coaching for this exercise

Nature is there for providing clues and stand with promises

There comes complete change with one season following another

To discard the old and encourage human being to share and solder


No body ends life with little reversals

The success and failure affects little on their arrival

It provides enough of lessons to enjoy and share the grief

But always keep in mind that they stay for a while or brief 


The sun rises and sets as usual without change

The nights change course and stay calm to manage

Birds as usual air the melody in the morning

Return to their nests with fulfillment of mission in the evening


If birds can survive with weak wings

We can sure face the draught as human being

We can’t run away from the scene as coward

Life is mission to survive and look forward


If life was to be like cake walk

It was not necessary to have any kind of talk 

But the real things are far different

Some of the things are illusory even if look apparent


Have conciliatory approach and adjust the course

It may need some correction and brilliance of course

This is the trend which may warrant some sense of urgency

It may turn the tide in favor and change the frequency


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free space

28996746 - Free space Member: Sanu Puthupallil Comment: really meaning full, , , , well penned...


Date & Time: 11/30/2011 7:46:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 28996746 - Free space Member: Jinal Oswal Comment: Absolutely right, a considerate, corrective approach can make things right.. some patience, belief in one's self and faith in God are the things which one needs to rise up... if life would have been simpler... we would have not enjoyed the happiest of the moments.. I like the title Free space... for me it is a space where a person enjoys his abilities, plans the future, is thoughtful... Ups and downs, its a human tendency to react negative because he never thought anything wrong could happen with him... You have covered all the points very well... Thanks for inviting :)


Date & Time: 11/30/2011 7:47:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 28996746 - Free space Member: Ratnakar Mandlik Comment: A great write with overflowing optimism and positive energy. I like the poem as well as positive signals emaneting from it.


Date & Time: 11/30/2011 8:08:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 28996746 - Free space Member: Aamit Rothschild Comment: Our time and energy levels are stipulated by God and men and women who decides through politics, tricks or other means our capabilities.....so we do not most often get our price...a minority Shah Rukh Khan can become indian superhero with luck and support but i cannot become prime minister or a nobleman in Afghanistan or Pakistan.This is because we believe in group theories for our survival of existence.Whoever affords it or are supported....they are well placed...i know the gujratis are more together from Mehsana to UK and to US..therefore they dominate with money..same as marwaris.... Unfortunately i belong to the clan of Netaji Subhas Bose...what happened with him? he became history with his abilities...so i will be the same...provincial discriminations and also intra-racial...i am hated in my own community as well not because of my abilities but because of some people`s inabilities which i highlighted and therefore threatened and nobody supported....all body there are small small groups of corruption tied up with money in Swiss bank accounts.... So Switzerland is made richer and richest perhaps by India without any effort or ability of their own inhabitants...they do not have to go to war for survival therefore... A good write and a good reminder Sir


From : Ratnakar Mandlik (Hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh) India; Male; 61) To : Mehta hasmukh amathalal Date Time : 11/30/2011 7:57:00 AM (GMT -6:00) Subject : Re: Dear sir I read your poem Free Space and commented on it at appropriate space, however, due to some problem it returned unsent. It is a great write full of positive signals and overflowing optimism. I like it.

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free space


Date & Time: 12/1/2011 7:01:00 AM     

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Poem: 28996746 - Free spaceMember: Sidi MahtrowComment: Some additional thoughts to your poem, 'Free Space' 

On Change 

'The sun rises and sets as usual without change' 
But that is only in a life-time brief 
'The nights change course and stay calm to manage' 
For the seasons give from tedium, relief. 

'Birds as usual air the melody in the morning' 
With the rising sun 
'Return to their nests with fulfillment of mission in the evening' 
Before darkness; as their work is done. 

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free space

Lindsey Wingate and in this moment at this time
i choose to be at peace
with all that I can't control
with all that I don't know
with all that I choose to be at war with
Give up hope of worry
its failed me deeply
to be at peace the quietness
such a new experience
delve in to authenticity
dip into the realness of this
just to breathe
just to believe
a beautiful thing 
this is