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Forbidden to see
forbidden to see


Forbidden to see


We see it clearly yet forbidden to see

Feel bondage and not free

Wants to get rid off or cross 

But find confusion and at loss,


Always inwardly feel

But no powerful will

Instinct to kill

But unable to fill


Near to truth 

But still wants proof

With shelter and roof

Yet feels very lonely and aloof 


It is inside strength

Match with full wave length

Soul revolts and ignorance melts

Wisdom prevails and divinity is felt


No drams but with reality

Prove as human being with good quality

Inhuman in approach yet close to humanity 

Strong resolve despite known inability


Still more is needed

Advice is heeded

Path is searched

Goal is reached


What is to be left behind?

No one knows how to find

Yet at heart we are kind

Little upset compels us to mind