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for ladies


For ladies


I wished full moon still to grow

In its zenith with full bright glow

No where to be seen such a shining object

Only one of its kinds with cool and fascinating act


I had read about several praises

Lots of admirations with mad chase

Source of aspirations and lovers refuge

Who can say no at beautiful scene and refuse?


I had learnt lot things from this holy object

To remain cool under any circumstances or act

Nothing to loose from merely remaining quiet

Complete cyclone was to pass of peacefully and let


When ever I had chance to look back at past memory

I could still feel proud and claim it without remorse or sorry’

I had seen her image in moon and dreamed about  

She almost ruled the mind and nothing else was sought


What prevented from out rightly asking her hand?

The society has always leaning towards richness or trend

I faced this dilemma but could gather the strength 

We almost dreamed about life on same length


Life was to be neatly spread over years

I was not believing or refusing ears

She had made up her mind to fall in lines

As I saw it as heavenly gift or chance


Life was not that smooth or had fine sailing

But it was accepted fact with no trailing

Life was heavenly sent chance and was universal fact

We knew its deep meaning and hence had nothing to react


We had seen all seasons with bright sunshine

All were to be seen and reflected as very much divine

Who could answer for their being in our life?

Who could sincerely answer for it better than our wife?


All those years really take me back in those struggling days

Cool breeze, powerful blaze and cool moon always showed the ways

What else man can learn from this heavenly bodies?

Especially when question arise to defend ladies?