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Flower's boom
babies boom


I had always wished flowers to boom

With nice place, space and very good room

Where they can come out from their hiding

See the world themselves and chiding


We know it is for short duration

So is the life too in question!

Why do we stop them from booming?

When danger is already large looming?


Let children too invade this holy land

No restriction for their coming to befriend

Lovely air and nature for very good refuge

Large and tall trees with mountains so huge


We want their arrival restricted

Cruelty and other sorts inflicted

Yet they come despite out precaution

We just need to think it with only caution


We need to leave certain things to our creator

He is whole and sole and real mentor

What we are on earth today?

Just helpless animal pushed away


We do the things never called for

We defy the rules and kill the persons in war

We recklessly aim at complete annihilation

How can we go in for such devastation?


Let us do the complete rethinking

Take steps before ship is sinking

Not a blade of grass may grow

If we continuously pollute the river flow


We can destroy the land several times today

Still some weapons will be left to throw away

We can mange to destroy but not to revive

Yet time is left to think over and survive


What will be left on earth to enjoy?

If we employ the methods to destroy

Why flowers, children, and trees alone?

Only beautiful earth will left behind with stones