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Everything together
everything together

There is answer for every question
One needs to introspect and clearly mention
What he or she wants with desires
Then question comes to reject or admire

You were not sincere in your attempt or try
You were ignorant and repeatedly asked why
It irritated me a lot and I decided to leave
There after took and heavy breathe and sigh

Your love was one sided and full of infatuation
Love can’t built on that base or relation
It is to give and take, and demands full of sacrifice
Life is not just trade but full of commitment and promises

Heart is broken or felt hurt when it has some feelings
One sided attachment can’t be called any kind of willingness
It is misjudged attraction and demands severance
That relation must end without question at once

Love can’t be termed as genuine or enough
One can’t be indifferent or can keep it dry or rough
It is just bond that takes life course further
Swim or sink, joy or pain is shared equally and together


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everything together

Bożena Nena
....więź buduje się przez zwyczajne bycie razem...co dnia i w każdej godzinie....by ta więź była silna nie można być dalej od siebie niż na wyciągnięcie rąk by móc przytulić ukochaną osobę gdy jest zimno i pocieszyć kiedy cierpi...bez tego nie ma więzi....

2 hours ago
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lyra callseml..
Peopel who don't treat otehrts with honesty or campasoisn.. don't kwno who to love so they cna take somethign rela nad kill it.. leaving notehign for themsleves but the pathetic immaaitaoitns.. I've sen ti ins't taht sad?

2 hours ago
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lyra callseml..
nice,,, thoug I think love cna be called geniuine.. therr is rela love real commitmetn real feelings.. and if ti's rlea it's neouhg.. hwen ti's not it isn't. COmmitmetn is deaily a big aprt of love I totally agree. SEOmpeople think taht commitmetn is just spending tie togther or promising to spend time togther... tohugh.. inst' tath odd?

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everything together

Bindu Rai...I.. wonderful as always sir..thanks.. Deletej 
» sky high love can be very tempting at times and u just seem to accept whatever its dishing out....hurt or joy....is all part of love....ty hasmukh