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Eid mubarak
Eid mubarak


Eid Mubarak


“Eid Mubarak” chanting slogan today

Wishes from heart to shed the differences away

Remember those sacrifices made by disciples

Giving away life for sacred principles


“Islam” is pure for Pak* people

Make them strong and capable

Same faith with unshaken belief

To get relieved from pain and have relief


It is sacrifice day and something to remember]

Be a part of true aspect and staunch member

Complete faith in one God and trust the almighty

He has everything to shower and show the mercy


Let us celebrate it with strong resolve

Greet the people and extend love

Let us not make people suffer more

The time has come together therefore


Aim is one and path is same 

Why then curse humanity and blame?

Pray almighty to give courage and fight injustice

Love and brotherhood is the only way to suffice


Forget not He loves only those!

Who stand fast, pray and repose

Trust and confidence in system created 

Blessed equally and cordially related


See Him in smiling faces

Read the language and forget the races

Love in universal and can be read easily

Life is only means to spend it happily


I wish all my brethrens to stand fast

Enjoy the feasts and donate at last

Millions may express happiness and offer blessings

Never hurt any one and san the killings


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Eid mubarak

  • Mutiu Olawuyi Wonderful Verse
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Eid mubarak

    ♪ ♥♥NiTaH@GaU..
    Eid mubarak dear Hasmukh..kissessssssabout an hour ago · Like

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Eid mubarak

  •    Poet Shi Well inked Hasmukh :)
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

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  • l Words Thank You hasmukh amathalal
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