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Do not miss Namaz

Do not miss Namaz

“Don’t miss namaz*” 
Came sound appeal or awaz* 
I was moved by conscious call 
It really struck and made dent in wall 

I am firm believer of lord or almighty 
But spare little time for asking mercy 
Take almost no time to offer prayers 
As I think he is already residing with us 

Many of my friends face same dilemma 
They find out excuses with system or some lacuna 
Religious feeling has something to do 
It is to some extent very much true 

Visit to mosques or churches may be an occasion
Where thousands man and woman go for confession 
Admit their faults and reiterate return to old fold 
With firm commitment to remain active along with world 

It is nice to remember Him with whatever faith we have 
It may reflect divine when try to remember him and behave 
There is light or tremendous glow on human face 
As if to remind him and be away from mad chase 

It is some sort of nourishment in mind 
It provides clues when nothing is sight to find 
It leaves impression in mind that everything will turn good 
When we have prayed in earned and properly understood 

Such is power behind appeal when offered in form of prayer 
You become one with Him as strong conveyor 
You may feel worry free as it was now in the hands of lord 
You had only task of performing duty and look forward 

“Do your best and leave it to His hands” 
He is your guide, father and true friend 
He may take care when you are in difficulty 
We do it in daily life when pray Allah, Christ or any other deity 

* Namaz……Muslim prayer…Awaz... internal voice