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Divine blessings
divine blessings

Divine blessings

Not all people have divine blessing
Especially men certainly find it missing
There are two painful stages not all have to face
Death and pregnancy is certain for women in all the cases

Men face only death pain but may not be able to reveal
Pregnancy is not his prerogative to face and conceal
The woman undergoes both the pain and faces it in real
Fate in both the cases is dangerous and luck is going to seal

So we accord special status to women folk
They are appreciated and always centre of the talk
If you go for any selective words to praise
I think no words may substitute her divine status

How come all prophets and messiahs chose her womb as refuge?
Took shelter for nine months and gave status so huge
This is how women are adored and placed at the top
Even though atrocities and crime against her don’t stop

See the woman in her final stage of pregnancy
When new born is likely to visit beautiful earth with blessings from almighty
What a shine on her face with complete satisfaction!
As if whole of the universe at her feet and gives such an indication

I would bow my head in recognition for her sacrifice
It is her dedication and commitment to fulfill the promises
That world may remain always grateful to her surrender
Even though her counterpart man has proved as offender

God had power and prerogative to give new lease of life
But woman has super power to provide space as wife
Whole world is really indebted to her for special position
At every stage she is dominant with no mark of any question


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Divine blessings

  • Davies Buller What can I say.
    This has got the wow factor.
    Mwaaah9 hours ago via mobile · Like

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Divine blessings

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Divine blessings

John Castellenas There is nothing as beautiful as a woman with child. Thank you for the amazing poetry. 4 hours ago · Like


Eric Cockrell (1/2/2012 6:47:00 PM) | Delete this message a woman contains the entire universe within her, beginning and ending, love, passion, and beauty... you have written a fine tribute!



Deborah Elizabeth Lotus Noble sentiments; not born out by HIStory... 11 hours ago · Like


Liz L. Prakash Wonderful,dear friend Hasmukh,thank you :-)))


Katherine Wyatt Trinity Poetry ‎Hasmukh Amathalal I adore this piece! How come all prophets and messiahs chose her womb as refuge?" what a wonderful way to approach this and yet you recognize woman's trials... well done y friend!! 6 hours ago · Like


JRNightingale 2012.01.02 17:22 Makes me think about the birth of my girls. Special moments in life. Reply


Date & Time: 1/2/2012 8:56:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 29321230 - Divine Blessings Member: Dave Walker Comment: Another great poem, a fantastic write.