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Divide and rule
divide and rule


It is age old saying “Divide and rule”

But nice concept to make people fool

No one may suddenly realize its immediate impact

But strong enough to reduce the power in fact


We have never given serious thought

Wars have been unnecessarily fought

Enough of bloodshed with long drawn miseries

Humiliation for all including self and adversaries


Each religion has held diverse views

Its bad effect is known to only few

There are conflicts and uneasy calm

Leading to anarchy and causing harm


Let people claim good and feel fine with their faith

It is good to believe in anything with the fear of death

Almighty has put permanent deterrent factor in the mind

This factor compels them to believe in and remain kind


No kingdom has survived for long on this theory

They might have succeeded in annexing some territory

But people can not be ruled for longer period much to their disliking

As domination always hurts their sentiments and resorts to striking


We too are governed by propaganda machinery and fall for easy prey

They will take advantage and spread their dragnet to have sway

They may have success for short time but can not hold for long

As their calculation may not stand good and go wrong


Neither can we have unified pattern for religion

Nor we can appreciate one political system for entire region

The people aspire for some kind of system and go for adoption

As they have no other go but to fall for system without any option


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divide and rule



Re: Divide and rule (Score: 1 ) by Pujakins on Thursday, December 08, 2011 (16:25:49) Ths poem has a lot of truth in it, and is sincere, which is 2/3rds of my vote. It might have something personal in it that would add to it, if the poet wished. Warm Regards, Tasha Reply to This | Parent | Dele

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divide and rule

Re: Divide and rule (Score: 1 ) by jadia4708au on Thursday, December 08, 2011 (19:47:54) Posted By: icedcreations - on December 8, 2011 A piece to encourage thought. Thank you. Christine [ Request review ]