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Delicate thread
delicate thread


He was laid on broken cot

Very tired after having fought

Ceaselessly waging relentless struggle

To come out happily from troubles


He as string at vast sky

Innumerable questions to be asked and why

He had to pass through all hurdles

Yet nothing in sight to put the candle


Hoping against hope to illuminate room

Garden to have splendor flower’s boom

All colors to décor in life again

Luck to smile sans agony and pain


He was my dad resting some feet away

Exemplary figure and resolute on his way

Poverty had not eaten him from within

He had broad smile and hoping absolute win


I was inching forward to fill his position

He too had eyes on me with all supposition

I may come close to him for realization

There was no more worry with any question


What did he aim for in his whole life?

Just to spend entire life with children and wife?

What was life meant to him in his crusade?

Dark clouds all around but happily wed


Well it is certainly aim to fulfill the wishes

Must come to happy conclusion before life finishes

When he tires out then some else takes it over?

He has all satisfaction when finds shed or cover


I glanced at his journey till his last breath

We were never put into trouble till his death

 He was for all smiles as there was nothing more to be done

All bad days were over and permanently vanished or gone


I silently watched at him and bowed the head

I could read many worry lines and positively read

He was lying on bed but not completely dead

Between my hope and ambition he was delicate thread


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delicate thread

Gloria Rodikis You mast have had a brave and lovely father!4 seconds ago via mobile · Like

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delicate thread

user imageSend message | Deleteheather wilkins
you have woven a delicate thread through out your poem. Life is a delicate thread.


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delicate thread

Posted By: Hibiscus - on October 14, 2011 A very loving and beautiful poem penned with the breath of flowers and singing of birds. God bless and keep you. Fondly... Pat