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Dad, I would need
dad,I would need


“Dad, I would need to go in for this course”

I have chosen it at the last minute of course

But I shall finish and come out of it successfully

It is quite fascinating and interesting really


I starred at her with little amusement

I had no courage to counter her statement

She was so much enthusiastic about her move

Armed with all powerful argument to prove


She may never try to know about my financial status

It was all about her future plan and nice stay at campus

All dreams about future life with tremendous progress

Everything to be had at feet with full access


I was damn happy about her strong resolve

I can’t refuse her in any attempt and absolve

I must brace up and keep ready to meet her demand

As she was upright coming star with quality of fire brand


Parents may feel happy and elated

When things remain within control and related

It may be adding fragrance in reality

If children fare well and prove with judgment and quality


Even though I was keeping finance as bare minimum

There was no fun in keeping silent or mum

Something was to be done for her future 

I had something for her in reserve for sure


See the self confidence when children question?

Come up with their move and confidently mention

What will be their liking and possible strategy!

Everything is prepared in advance by many


I am confident that future generation may prove us wrong

Go with all calculations and stay confident as well as strong

Nothing can deter them for going ahead with determination

Failure or success may be ruled out at this hour with any question