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Cruel fate
cruel fate


Because now I'm stuck
Beneath the paws of a cruel tiger 
O father wish me dare 
O mother wish me heaven…….Landy sunny


Cruel fate


I was never alone

Where that golden time had gone

I was under your refuge

I dared for everything and you never refused


Oh, dad, you were so kind

I troubled you a lot yet you did not mind

Always took in lap and smiled

How can I forget when memories rewind?


Today I am down and surrounded

By vultures and rounded

I miss your shelter and protection

I needed you now for all such action


Apart form all, I miss you both dearly

I go no where with intention clearly

I love and cry with all those your affection

Now wish I could reflect the reaction!


Why did you go away so early?

I needed you most when was not ready

I am down with all odds at this age

How to write it even on blank page


My eyes are wet when see you on wall

I put a word in the form of call

You both smile and give me little hint

I take it as blessings and think


How dearly you looked after me

I am grown up today and tally free

Yet those memories rush and make me feel sad

Mom you are missed a lot and so is the dad


Give me one more chance to be your lovely child

I want to feel warmth and nature so mild

I shall never feel such kindness and gesture

I know there lays cruel fate and future