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Conscious friendship
conscious frienship

Conscious friendship

“Have you dated with girl ever”?
“If not, then try on some sites there”
“What makes you to think” I was startled
She did not answer but smiled 

Why you want me to visit those sites?
Will it be proper for me to be there right?
“No, you will have probably more access
To your writing material in case” she replied in chase

Many youngsters visit me and pose questions
As I make frequent articles on unions
Well narrated facts with minute understanding
Best conversation suited and unending 

I see in them a clear shift
Some problems with unknown rift
Brake up in relation and sore separation 
That is how they enter and end beautiful relation!

But of course they see bright sun light
Search for more honest bond and go after it right
Many catch it with right earnest
Remain happy and spend it as best

I have reason to feel happy 
They are sincere and ready 
Do not care much about old things
Some time reply comes” age matter nothing”

So I flow with their mentality
I see in it best form of love quality
They may be totally unaware of hardship
But yes fully conscious friendship