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Clock back
clock back


It is very hard put clock back  

When enough water has flown and so much is at stake 

You were always fascinating and much of interest 

Not to think of anything but how to utilize it best  


I have flown to and fro number of times 

Touched your cheeks and came back many times 

It was all dreamy affair and gave me immense pleasure 

Something not felt this before but as if of precious treasure  


“I can be your friend provided you assure” these words still ring 

Like beautiful melody heard in early morning from cuckoo when she sings 

You were so scared to admit new friends when I requested 

It was first encounter that flowed form net friend and tested  


It was never looking since then as still continued 

Each time the sentiment is felt and frequently renewed  

We had close link in mind that built good relation 

Even that reached to the extent of cementing with indication  


You were forcible in putting seal over it for common good  

As we were striving hard for some nutrition or food 

It was no doubt moral support and feeling for each other 

You were no where to be seen around or very much near  


You are back again with many ups and down in life 

It has made you litter bitter about the name of wife 

You were in real term “Pakizzah”* or sacred in name 

The irony of fate really had destined to pass the blame  


It still rings in my ears like bell to remand so many things 

I was fed to believe about poetry or like something 

You were born poetess that injected many themes 

I flew in dreamy world with “What is there in names” 


You have stood your ground well and nourished  

In your world with feet on ground and flourished  

I feel each pulse of your breathe when hold the hand  

You are felt as if of close one even more than a special friend  


It is still a deep feeling and set in motion an thought 

It needs not be explained, hardly to be mentioned or fought    

I feel it is desire on both the ends to see each other and unite 

The deep feeling still burns inside and sometimes fuel to ignite