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Cherished way
Cherished way


Cherished way


All women are like the red rose

Not a hurdle or challenge posed

They stand for it and really to be supposed

No worries at home and quickly disposed

It is nice to keep her in smiles

As life cart must run for a while

All passengers and co passengers

If not may not prove good managers



She is at helm of affairs

Looks after fine and very fair

Let us help her cheeks to shine

She stands tall as next to divine



Let her open up like flower

Spread fragrance after rain shower

Think of sun shine and very good season

You will be happiest on earth as person



She has always kept you intact

This is one of the known and bare facts

Let us respect and please her to stay

As life is meant to be long and cherished way


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Sana Shahid Very nice

    • Sana Shahid Very nice ...wonderful !!!
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      » daniel GEORGE Very nice poem

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» Mirta Mena lUV YOUR words dearest friend!!!2 seconds ago · Like