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Buried and unclaimed
buried n unclaimed


Buried and unclaimed


Thousands are buried here unclaimed

Victims of brutality, abused and shamed 

None to be found by ignorant world

Buried in dead silence and early morning cold 


Who they might be and what may be their fault?

Might be trapped in between gun fire and caught?

Might be even singled out as informer and gunned down

But surely no heinous crime committed by them of their own


Dictatorial regimes resorted to such tactics for silencing rivals

They are afraid of loosing powers on rival’s arrival

Fierce battle is fought in streets and many are killed

The earth is shaken as coffers are silently filled


 There is lawlessness and anarchism

There is no place for human and humanism

No one is there to hear your cry

Where to go and whom to ask why?


We are sitting on volcano

As everybody is adamant with big “no”

Peace is not acceptable to all thought they advocate

Quote fine examples and recite at conferences and relate


Situation is fuelled by proving lethal weapons

They are not bothered about who has lot or won

They are after their lucrative business and strategic hold

World is dangerously divided over how to share spoils in fold


The struggle is not for protection of human rights

It is also not for imposition of peace over fights

It is mad ethnic race and sometimes for national interests

Whole world can do nothing except to suffer and witness unrest


They claim that It as part of diplomacy

To impose the peaceful process with supremacy

Many more lives may be lost in fruitless drive

If humanity is to be given chance to survive


Some of the humanitarian aspects need attention

Must be addressed with firm hand with mention

Many sons of soil lay down their lives for peace

So others may live in peace without fear and at ease


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buried and unclaimed

Mohamed Umar Farooq neatly carved... a lovely read.... but, should poems always rhyme in the era of haikus, zen and senryu in newer forms 27 minutes ago · Like · 1 person