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Believe in divine art
believe in divine art


It makes me to believe in divine art

as you slowly breath in heart

feel pulse of my touch

The life is felt to be in heaven as such


Why is it so to be in love?

Feel its warmth and believe

Two unknown souls just get to know

Where and what for life may blow?


I asked many times but found no answer

May be I am totally committed like fewer

I want to know nothing about fears

I am ready for any kind of pain to bear


I know only one thing

Your gentle touch means something

It makes me to wake up whole day

As if life is meant to be given away


It may be true meaning with tune

As I sing with his melody to be seen

I don’t care for what others might say!

I shall have whatever I want on the way


It has changed me completely

I have dreamed about motherhood lately

That may be the golden day to be felt

The real fragrance then may be smelt


I sink completely in his magical spell

Everything in life is looking orderly and well

I have lot more things to feel and tell

I know nothing more to dwell


He is my precious life and jewel

I fear no more in life to go unwell

Moon and sun are there in their original place

I have all the elegant style if life to enjoy and face