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Beggar's death
beggar's death

No one cried over his demise 
When his body was found at our premise
He might have tried to knock the door
But we were fast asleep in door

We used to give him some food
When he passed in street with health looking good
He won’t beg of his own but always thanked
When offered something that he cheerfully drank

For many days we had noticed his absence
It was giving us shock not to witness his presence
We believed in his well being even though he was not related 
As we felt good for him and humanly feted

Some one shouted by his name as beggar 
We ran out of premises and noticed there
His motionless body with no movement 
We felt bad and cursed his death with resentment

Even though something had forced him 
He never used to bother and troubled them 
He will stare at the sky and murmur
Laugh gently as if wanted something to offer 

For whatever reason at least he deserved descent burial 
The decency at this time was essential 
Anybody would want to be happily taken away
The last rituals were to be observed is this way 

His eyes were wide open and wanted an answer
I shut it with hands and offered its closure 
“What was a purpose in leading such life?”
As it was spend on edges of sharp knife 

As he had no one to look after
We took all responsibility there after 
He was given nice bath and offered good cloths
The destination point was observed after his death