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Bapu, India rememebrs you

Bapu, India remembers 

Bapu* we remember and cherish
The democracy is yet to finish
We shall go on unhindered
Our path of non violence shall never be altered

World never thought of bloodless revolution 
How can they forget your selfless contribution?
Lord Ashoka* and Lord Mahavira * preached non violence
You took India to achieve full goal since then 

“There was bloodshed in Naokhali*” I remember 
You went on hunger strike with aggrieved members
“Fast unto death until peace and harmony is restored”
You were there of your own for complete peace to be offered

What has happened today on political scene?
They have taken you in the streets to be seen 
The temple of parliament has turned into refuge
For scoundrels, thieves and money launderers of huge amount

They want culprits to fight as people’s representative
From jail and monitor all bribes through relatives
They bring ordinances for protection of cheaters
The parliament has become place for laughter

Bapu* we will teach them lesson
What ever may be the reasons!
They will be shown exit through front door
The people are fed up with lot more curses from the poor

Terrorist break jail and get free
Politics has become safe tree
Rule the land and remain beyond reach
Bapu* we are facing contrary to what you tried to preach 

*Bapu……. Father of Indian Nation 
*Lord Ashoka.. Ancient tuler turned Monk 
* Lord Mahavira.. 24th incarnation of Jain sect… Non for non violence 
*Naokhali… Place in Assam.. Scene of worst riots during partition