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Ali, you are here
Ali, you are her




It brought tears to me

I was unable to think free

How sad and tragic incident!

Hell for life and turning point


How come the plane crashes?

Nose dive and to the ground rushes

Bringing life to an end with death

Only providing chance to lay wreath


Oh, dear how to put words?

You have passed through pain and fallen backwards

It is his call and we have to abide

Otherwise how come he might have died!


I feel pain and anguish

It brought your life to end or point to finish

It passed off you mind as flash of light

In deed it might be a brave fight


Ali may not come back

You have to stage a comeback

Ali has put symbol behind

Give all the love and in her you find


She may speak through her eyes

Smile when find her papa flies

All that may invade her memory

Never make her to feel sorry


Wait for those moments to come back

So much is at risk and at stake

You got to bring on rail the carriage

You must feel courage and manage


No young mother may find it easy

Even though she may keep herself busy

All memories may invade at all the times

Leaving behind tale of grief sometimes


I wish almighty to give you courage

Ali may be revived in daughter’s age

She may bring back same scene again

Just to take away your tears and pain


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Ali, u r here

 vincent michael

Wonderfull Thank You My Dear Friend hasmukh amathalal

 Bela Hubermann

Very nice

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Ali, u r here

osing someone we love is so tragic but as they say...life must go on....Thank you hasmukh 
kirti shah
Superb Saheb Thanx a lot for sharing

♬♪ ∫ครкใค را..
1000about an hour ago · Like