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After you left

When some one departs from life very early
We remain quiet and peaceful internally 
Think about old memory and his good side 
And cry when unable to control it and hide

Such is the situation when husband is no more
The life becomes hell therefore
No one is there to take care and look after
Many worries about children as how to cater 

If something is left behind as fortune
Then it is good and better than any none
But if left behind high and dry 
Big question arises as to how to tackle and try?

You are and were together
He was your success and feather 
You were trustful and till remained 
With absolute integrity and maintained

No one remains here a day longer
When you have to leave despite being stronger
That is divine cycle and must be respected
More of pain and grief is sometimes not well reacted

Face the situation as it approaches in 
It may stay for some period but won’t remain
For the time longer than required
So it got to be accepted and admired