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A day to start
a day to start

What a day to start with in cold! 
Brisk morning walk with new day in world
Life means something enterprising and new
Enough time at disposal to think and review

Nature is not lagging behind in its initiative
Everything around is in true sense objective 
What cuckoo has something to do with morning melody? 
When everyone is tight asleep in bed has business of no body? 

"Good morning "I look around to see sweet address
Some younger and elderly people greet with smile on face
With no grievance, ill feeling or unhappiness 
I feel great part of this beautiful world in such case 

The leaves make little move with wind's blow
Gentle air makes fragrance move and flow
It has unique charm when you are really fresh 
Whole of energy is stored in mind and ready to dash 

We must thank almighty for whatever has been given 
At least fresh air keeps mind really to be driven 
It keeps all thoughts to one side and enjoys the greatness
Free from all worries and escape from worldly mad chase 

Certainly when you greet a person at the start of the day
Think of goodwill and blessings that might be helping on the way 
It is only think that human being needs in true living 
"Live and let others live" with true faith and believing 

When we greet certain people, the magnetic circle moves
It creates good will around and any kind of ill feeling is removed
All main religions too advise to show the smiling face 
Even in adversity to stick to the ground and chase 

It is to be borne in mind that each morning id different 
The change is visible and is really apparent 
The opportunity is on hand and considered as heavenly sent 
We should take it as chance in life and enjoy as scent