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A country is known...
a country is known...


A country is known,,


A country is not known by the rich heritage it holds

Not by a unique position it holds among countries of worlds

Not be the freedom or liberty they enjoy in real senses

But by the honor and pride it accords to the females


Love, sex and other things emerge along with the advancement of an age

It grows further with the refinement and progressive society in phase

Yet its basic outlook does not change for ladies at any stage

She has to face all hurdles, bear agony and create history on page


Have they not done enough for the mankind and country at large?

Have they not come forward for all steps to refine and purge?

They have been pioneer in all the struggles regardless of gender

Still nothing appeals us for recognition and facts stand only bare


Let us place her on top of our set up and pay due regard

Prepare a plan for comprehensive growth and look forward

They need not be used as sex symbol only for gradation

There has to be complete overhaul and thinking up gradation


You pick up any of her stage and compare with male 

They may outclass male counterpart and surely fail

They have some sense to make things in proper order

Males sometimes pay scant respect and freely ponder


Let each stage play its natural role in total development

No rape, murder, discrimination or insult in any movement

What have they not given to us and protected

Even at the cost of shame and dishonor aggressively acted


Let this article be ear marked as great honor or tribute

Their involvement at any stage has helped to attribute

We have raised our head all the times with their devotion

Life has run into smooth weather with complete motion


We have experienced their greatness in mother

Life had been made as garden with sisters and brothers

This is how country has come into being as large entity

She had been at the centre of all with strength and capabilities


Full marks to her devotion, dedication and motherly attitude

We have been slight short of showing little gratitude

We remembered and cried only when she was not among 

Or shed some tears when some thing was actually going wrong


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a country is known



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Date & Time: 10/15/2011 5:30:00 PM Remove this comment Poem: 28518806 - A Country Is Known Member: Benjamin Paa-Willie Comment: So much you touched on. No one needs to read twice to fall in love this.

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a country is known

Poem: 28518806 - A Country Is Known Member: Dave Walker Comment: An amazing poem showing true respect to women. A fantastic write.