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A Necessary Evil - Preview


 “A Necessary Evil”


                                                      Harry James



The man looked in the mirror and liked what he saw.  What was not to like?  He smoothly spun the lid from the after shave bottle, poured a generous amount into his palm and applied it to his cheeks.  A final look in the mirror brought a smile; how lucky was she?

To tell the truth he still couldn’t believe his own luck.  Lucky to have picked that particular estate agent; even luckier when she had offered to show him the empty property herself.  That brought back memories of just how eager she had been the second time they had met.

Moving into the tiny bedroom, his mind filled with thoughts of the night ahead.  He picked up his mobile from the cheap second hand chest of drawers and dialled her number.  It was answered after two rings.


“Are you still on for tonight?” he asked, knowing full well she wouldn’t let him down.

“Hi Jenny, I’m just on my way out the door.  I’ll meet you as arranged.  No need to pick me up, I’ll get a cab.  See you soon.”

The man allowed himself another smile as the line went dead.   He imagined her telling her husband how tiring she found these girly reunions, lying to him.  Kissing him goodbye, assuring him she would stay in if he wanted her to; all the while wearing nothing underneath her skirt as she had been ordered.

            An hour later he watched the pretty, petite blonde walk into the pub.  Her black and white finger nails, black leather skirt with matching jacket over a low cut white top attracted the attention of many eyes; yet when she spotted him she smiled and walked purposefully to the table and took the seat beside him.

            He pointed to the glass beside his pint of lager.  “I took the liberty of ordering you a drink.  Jack Daniels and coke okay?”

            “You remembered.  Thank you,” she said stretching out a hand to claim her drink, only to be denied as he reached across and firmly held her wrist.

            “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

            She looked into his eyes and realised her mistake.  “Sorry.  Thank you for my drink.  May I kiss you Sir?”

            The man patted her knee, smiled his approval and allowed her to lips to meet his.  “Why don’t you try your drink Tanya?”


Chapter 1


“He’s really doing as well as can be expected considering.”

Piers Bailey’s green eyes stared coldly at the nurse.  “Considering what?” he snapped.

            Sensing his irritation, the consultant took him gently by the arm and led him slightly away from the nurse.  “Please understand we are doing as much as we can Mr Bailey.  Your father has suffered a serious stroke.  I have to tell you the chances are he won’t recover.  He certainly won’t be able to walk again.”

            The consultant’s words were lost on Piers as he looked down at his father. Once a strong proud man, here he was now a frail feeble shadow of his former self, with tubes connected to drips and various monitors.  In a strange way he felt relieved.  Seeing his father in such a vulnerable state, Piers realised he was now finally free of his domineering influence.

Six hours later, back in his father’s house, Piers turned down the volume on the radio and picked up the phone that was interrupting the evening concert.  As the one sided conversation progressed, he walked to the tallboy, selected a bottle of brandy, poured out a generous measure then drained it down as the voice on the other end of the phone informed him that his father had passed away.

Piers cried silently; his tears a mixture of grief, remorse and a sense of liberation.  He walked across the room and reached up to take a framed picture from the wall.  His father splendid in his uniform wore a smile that portrayed the happiness of the occasion as he received another medal.  What the photograph didn’t show was the man who only hours before had taken a crop to his son.

 The picture hit the carpet and the glass shattered into a myriad of shards as Piers trampled his foot on the offending image in an attempt to wipe away the memory.  Soon he would be able to live his life without the constant reminder of being a weak disappointment to his father.

            Piers spent the following days hastily organizing his father’s funeral.  Despite many protestations, he managed to arrange a small private affair.  Throughout the proceedings he behaved as expected; accepting condolences and expressing his sorrow and pain impeccably; even though he knew many of the guests had attended as a duty to his deceased father and not through any liking for the son that had brought shame to such an honourable and distinguished man.  They ate the food and drink he had provided and congratulated him on a wonderful service and conveniently neglected to comment on how sombre the whole episode had been.   It was with considerable relief when the mourners finally left that he closed the door to them all, for he despised them just as they disliked him.

The family house was placed on the market and was quickly sold when Piers accepted an offer slightly under the asking price despite the protestations of the agent who was adamant that if only Piers were patient , he would almost certainly achieve the market price – after all properties in the village of Tregarth rarely came on the market. 

Three weeks after his father’s death; Piers brought his car to a halt in the customers’ parking space of Hamilton, Knights & Robey estate agents Canary Wharf offices.  He stepped into the cold February air and pressed the remote to lock the doors.

The receptionist looked up and instantly her cheeks reddened as she took in the tall, green eyed, clean-jawed, man in front of her.  “Can I help you?”

“Piers Bailey.  I have an appointment.”

Before the pretty young woman could reply, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay Keisha.  I’ll handle this,” said the petite blonde, holding out her hand to Piers.  “Mr Bailey, I’m Tanya Ferris, would you care to follow me through to my office?”

Keisha frowned as she watched the pair walk back into the privacy of the new Regional Manager’s office.




Tanya nodded as a dark deep voice whispered in her ear.  A devilish smile spread across her face as she allowed him to tie the blindfold over her eyes.  Her sense of hearing seemed heightened as she heard the tantalisingly slow racheting followed by a small click that signalled the closing of handcuffs to hold her arms firmly behind her back. 

            His hands worked on the buttons that released her skirt so that when he brought her to her feet it slid effortlessly away, revealing her naked body.  She shivered in expectation as she felt his hands run along her back before undoing the clasp of her bra which dropped lower across her breasts.   She licked her lips as he bit her neck whilst he removed the bra and tossed it to the floor.  Her mind raced ahead.  What was he going to do to her next?  She knew not to ask.

            As he took her by the arm to an adjoining room, her ears pricked as she tried to pick up clues as to where she was being led.  Tanya felt the noticeable change in temperature as she was brought inside the cold room.  He stopped her, removed the handcuffs, raised one arm above her head and secured the leather restraint.  She did not resist; in fact she was more than willing when he did the same with her other arm then shackled her feet to the floor.

            She heard him walk slowly behind her. His large hands grabbed her breasts roughly.  She welcomed his mauling.

            “Are you still prepared to do anything I ask Tanya?”

            “Yes, I mean yes Sir,” she quickly corrected.  Her mind was racing, the desire rising along with his touch.

            Her hair was brushed from her neck as a ball gag was placed carefully in her mouth.  She shivered in anticipation, her mind working furiously; heightening her arousal.   Then she heard a click.  The blindfold was removed and Tanya blinked her eyes into focus.  Ahead of her she saw the video camera centred on her.  She looked to her left and saw him standing in front of a metal table, his head now covered by a leather hood.  She looked on as he bent down and took something from the table.  Tanya’s eyes widened as he approached her with the sharp blade of the knife aimed at her breast.  She tried to scream, but the ball gag held back the noise.  Her eye stared in fear as he drew a line across her breast and a thin line of blood started to seep from the opening.  His face lowered to lick the bloodied breast.  And yet the heat within her rose and she welcomed his bloody tongue into her mouth.  

            She started crying as the knife pierced her pale skin again and again; however the her screams of terror remained suppressed.  Blood flowed freely from her wounds as the tears mingled then finally became lost in the red torrent of her demise

            The camera continued to run as Tanya’s body lay limp against its restraints.  The man approached and released her to the floor.  He took his place beside her watching in fascination as the life leaked out of her slim, toned body.  Soon she would experience the ultimate experience.  He felt himself growing harder as he parted her legs and entered her.


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A Necessary Evil

This is the working title of the sequel to my novel Consequences? Would appreciate and feedback or comments.