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Cover: Felicity and Barbara Pym by Harrison Solow
From the Cinnamon Press Website: Felicity & Barbara Pym - Harrison Solow £8.99 UK delivery, £9.99 elsewhere Publication date May 2010 Stunning literary non-fiction from Wales Writer in Residence and winner of a 2008 Pushcart Prize What appear to be books about “Silly men, Mousy women, Tea, Religion, Quotations,” books in which apparently “nothing happens” are in fact novels...
Providence, by Anita Brookner, Vintage Press, reviewed by Harrison Solow
Gently Read Literature is an internet journal that hopes to be useful by creating a forum for criticism and analysis of contemporary literature, specifically contemporary poetry and literary fiction. GRL believes there are too few outlets that take the time to scrutinize literature, to explain how and why we value poetry and fictive prose the way we do. Readers and Writers alike...
The Ground Beneath Her Feet Anthology Cover
“Selecting stories for the anthology, The Ground Beneath Her Feet & other stories & poems was no easy task, but from the first read Harrison Solow’s ‘The Postmaster’s Song’ leapt off the page. The style is engaging and innovative. From the three possible beginnings to the delightful end, which invites the next leap of imagination, the reader is treated as an intelligent...
AGNI 66 in which Bendithion was first published.
"Bendithion",  the essay, is a liminal tale about a reclusive, stunningly talented and almost magical tenor, the Postmaster of a little town in Wales and the strange, chaste, romantic-friendship we shared. This essay is actually part of an epistolary novel I am currently writing also entitled Bendithion. I know "novel" conjures up "fiction" in most...
The Pushcart Prize: The Best of the Small Presses XXXIII
From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. The 33rd Pushcart anthology demonstrates that independent presses still publish much of the world's most engaging literature. McSweeney's nominated Wells Tower's standout story, Retreat, in which aging property developer Matthew Lattimore seeks assistance from (while simultaneously antagonizing) his brother, his carpenter and the very wilds of...
The Star Trek Sketchbook by Herbert F. Solow & Yvonne Fern Solow, pseud. (Harrison Solow)
Editorial Reviews Product Description Devise a look for the future. Construct strange new worlds. Create new life forms. Design their clothes. Do it all in a week. And do it on budget. This was the mission for the creative staff of Star Trek. For three years just a handful of talented artists created the entire world of Star Trek. The Star Trek Sketchbook is a unique opportunity to...
University of California Press Hardbound Cover
From the Book Jacket: More than merely a popular television show, Star Trek has evolved from its original subculture status to a cultural icon, a modern American mythology, and a prescient leap into the future.  From the beginning, it was a forum where its creator and its viewers could explore the fundamental questions of human existence: What is the difference between...
Driftwood: A Journal from Afar Cover
 From the Director of the Abroad Writing Competition:  "What a magnificent short story... It was so moving and beautiful! For days afterwards, I found myself thinking about your story..." Mater Amabilis is about belief, grief, inner reality and illusion. A mother has lost her sons. Or has she?