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The title of this AOL Op-Ed should probably have been "Don't Just Follow Your Dream" as, according to a cranky but accurate commenter, the phrase "Follow Your Dream" does not necessarily imply that the follower won't work hard for it. Unfortunately, "not necessarily" is applicable in fewer and...
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Even today's best literary studies rarely possess what those in the book trade call "crossover potential"-that is, any appeal for the average intelligent reader who resides outside the ivory tower. Harrison Solow's Felicity & Barbara Pym, recently published by Cinnamon Press, is a happy...
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Bendithion was first published by AGNI and subsequently by The Pushcart Press
From the Publishers Weekly Starred Review: "The 33rd Pushcart anthology demonstrates that independent presses still publish much of the world's most engaging literature. In her AGNI essay, Bendithion, Harrison Solow considers the enigmatic otherworldliness of the world-class tenor and Welsh...
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The deeper they rode into the forest, the darker it got, until it was so dark that Barnaby could hardly see at all. He looked up into the obsidian sky and tried to figure out where they were by the position of the stars. But they were so tiny that he could barely see them and they certainly...
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Here is the podcast of the October 2nd Interview  I gave at CIUT Radio in Toronto: http://tinyurl.com/2bw8ost  There is a little music and a few sponsor messages before the interview begins. ~ Harrison
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An excerpt from a chapter in Barnaby's Chance, my children's book: When it was their turn to pay to get into the carnival, Barnaby’s father also bought a roll of what looked like red tape. It was a roll of tickets, he explained. You bought the tickets at the gate and then you used them like money...
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Announcement from the Producer of "Being There" - a Canadian Radio Programme out of the University of Toronto in Canada: "In-depth interview with author Harrison Solow this Saturday, October 2nd, 2pm EST on the show, Being There. To listen live go to www.ciut.fm Not the usual...
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Nothing stares us in the face as we take our places at the table. It is a menacing sight, nothing. With its cavernous hunger, without even the promise of a black hole, into which one might metaphysically fall and contract, and become a dense world among worlds, it seeks us from across the table....
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Dear Felicity, A second quick note, before I am (justifiably) accused of generalisations myself. I am going on record here to say that my remark about actors was not all-inclusive. Nor entirely serious. It’s a bit of a convention in our circle that most actors are extremely self-absorbed. Not all...
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I heard your eyes were blue before we met. Yes, blue, the village whispered, right and wrong. Blue was their righteous sibilant refrain – Insistent yet inaudible to me.   They never saw that dazed obsidian orb, Effulgent, swell within its sapphire womb Involuntary black as Rhondda coal Dark...
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I removed this post as it is no longer relevant. :)
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  In the dry house he opens boxes slowly, raising yesterday into the evening sun. His hands are very clean.   By nightfall, his half-remembered treasures perch uncomfortably in new places, unused to exposure.   Dust appears. The boxes stay open. Small sounds assume significance. Far...
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  "What do you mean by being here?" asked the shape in a sort of cross voice and nudged Barnaby in the ribs again with his lance. Now if there was one thing Barnaby did not like, it was to be poked. He didn't like verbal pokes and he didn't like physical pokes. He stood up then and looked up...
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Rosh Hashana
I don't for a second regret growing up Catholic, entering the convent, becoming a nun. Don't regret leaving either. I'm grateful for all I have received, including the blessings from my husband's tradition, which has now become part of my own. And so on Rosh Hashana, to all my Jewish friends and...
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'...One of the most difficult things I have come to realize about passion is that the genuinely passionate people of my acquaintance (as opposed to those who call themselves passionate but are merely self indulgent emotionally stunted drama queens who engage in histrionics periodically to...
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