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(This was originally a response to a friend's blog but I decided to post it here because it has an identity of its own.) It's always so strange meeting people with whom one may have shared so much at one time. It is as though one is standing in the centre of Rome with all those roads like spokes...
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Sophie's World is an unusual book I sent to my son for his birthday a few years ago. Sophie's World is essentially the history of philosophy embodied in a story - a story in which a young girl comes home from school to find a letter in her mailbox that says simply, "Who are you?" The 400 pages...
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The minute we are born, our caretakers begin to form us. So much depends on thousands of tiny things - how they dress us, for example  - whether we get used to being tightly bundled in a blanket in cool, wet Wales or if we are accustomed to being naked except for a nappy in the warm, tropical...
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Certainly one of the most powerful moments in my life was the "coming of (moral) age" on my seventh birthday, for I had been instructed on - or rather charged with (and by) the knowledge that the mantle of responsibility would fall from my parents' shoulders on that day and alight on my...
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"It's about literature. It's about reading. It's about writing. It’'s about becoming educated, about not assuming things aren't happening just because you don't see them happening, about not ever believing that language is a true vehicle for communication - and it’'s about knowing that sometimes,...
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Cover of Felicity and Barbara Pym
Advance Praise for Felicity and Barbara Pym     1. "A splendid book! Original, controversial, academic, readable, serious, light-hearted, sensible, charming..." - Hazel Holt, Literary Executor of the Barbara Pym Estate, author of the Barbara Pym biography, A Lot to Ask: A Life of Barbara...
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One Spring Morning - From The Postmaster's Song, by Harrison Solow On the way to the university, even though she was running a little late, she stopped at the Post Office, which was just across the road from the campus. The Post Office was Mallory’s favourite place in the village. On pale November...
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All my childhood life I was in love with San Francisco - I spent my heart there, just loving every scent and street and the flavour of it - North Beach and the beatniks, the artists colonies, bookstores, bakeries, museums, Golden Gate Park, and so many secret and wonderful places. Loved the...
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at the edge of the dance, he is courtly - and the dance floor is eight thousand miles. his politeness astounds in its measure with its decorous, distancing smiles. once i wished not to wish to behold him, being "careful - lest wishes come true." and he wished not to wish to betroth me; held his...
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  The Apricots and the King    
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We were planning to go - our invitation still sits on the desk in the "to be answered" pile. I guess I had better move it.  I love going to the awards. Some people who go regularly, find it a bore or pretend they do. I guess some people think it is  cool not to admit that one finds...
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Excerpt from a letter to a friend ~ Our last neighbours in America were, I suppose, legendary. Those on our street were Linda Hamilton (and for about a year and a half, her husband, James Cameron), Cher, David Letterman (before he sold his house, one of several) and Bob Dylan, before he moved...
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First Page of Mater Amabilis published in Carpe Articulum
"Once, while chopping garlic to the metronomic accompaniment of NPR, Charlotte switched stations, just in time to hear a Dr. Wayne Dyer say “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience,” a thought so profoundly relevant to her own way of...
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  A very small part of "a day in the life of" in an excerpt from a letter home after Saint David's Day, 2007, in Wales: "It was St. David's Day yesterday - the National Holiday of Wales. There are many many activities one associated with this day, but among them are giving and receiving...
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Cover of Felicity and Barbara Pym
"Harrison Solow is a writer of experience at least as diverse as that of her principal voice in this unusual, charming and astringent piece of writing which some will read as an epistolary novel (no adjectival form of the term ‘e-mail’ having yet been generated), some as both a practical and...
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