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Taking a break from the Red Room. Moving and catching up on solitude. Writing. Hwyl am y tro i bawb.


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Enjoy the solitude! Write

Enjoy the solitude! Write on.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan

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Thanks, Jessica -

Happily, my plan and your excellent suggestion are in perfect accord - Thanks! ~ Harrison

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Selfish me - I Don't want you to take time off!

Dear Harrison,

Please don't be gone too long. I love your blogs. I have my own personal Table of Contents of my favorite writers on Red Room.Your absence will leave a big gap.Luckily because of the format of this site I will be able to reread your posts. I will have many comments for you when you return. My daughters said that I shouldn't threaten you with that statement >>>you might not come back. They seem puzzled with my fascination with this wonderful Red Room experience.At times they have called me "the Red Room stalker." But to be able to read such creative expressions daily is a perfect affirmation that shared writing in itself is a great reward!
I wish you great creative moments.
Mary Walsh

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Signing off on Tuesday

Mary, please tell your daughters that your comments would be an incentive to return to active posting, not a deterrent! I shall be delighted to read any comment you write - as always. I imagine I will be back by June. Hopefully I will feel like checking in from time to time but I won't be posting or commenting or reading more than one or two blogs. By the way, I never knew you read my blogs - your stealth capablilities are clearly superlative - so a belated thank you for that, for your kind words, and for popping out of your espionage activities to post these kind and very welcome sentiments. :) Warm thoughts ~ Harrison

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Ditto. Enjoy your solitude

Ditto. Enjoy your solitude and writing, Harrison! I'm trying to visualize your library--10,000 (it's probably grown)--hard to imagine so many books in one person's library. What a treasure!

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Dear Rebbecca ~ I was fortunate to augment my library by a third when I married my husband. And also, I just buy books - often instead of other things, and be given gifts for gifts. And I started buying and keeping books for unborn grandchildren when my children were still young! I shall be divesting myself of a good many of the last, but alas - the Welsh books will be taking their place. Still I have promised myself to give several hundred, at least, to the local library. I can't wait to open some of these boxes which have been sealed for years. Yesterday I found a charming radio that I did not know I had, and a good many tea-towels embroidered by my aunties and several tea-cosies. Weeks of such discoveries await! Thank you so much for your good company here on The Red Room.

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Solitude - possibly a nice

Solitude - possibly a nice name for your new house H? Enjoy the peace and the environs and I look forward to reading you in the not too distant future. Slán agus beannacht! mx

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Preswylfa was the name of our house in Wales. Americans don't generally name houses, but after 19 years in Canada and 6 years in the UK, I do. Preswylfa means "Haven" which this little place certainly will be. Is, really, already. So perhaps we will have Preswylfa Arall (another Preswylfa). My Jesuit friend, a scholar and professor in LA, whose first language is Welsh is looking for a suitable Medieval Welsh word for Scriptorum. (His idea). I think that this may be too grand and too limited. We intend to live a full life within these wooded walls (and outside them!) and not just write. Diolch i ti am dy gefnogol a phob bendith i ti hefyd. ~ Harrison x

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"Thank you for your support and all blessings be yours."  :)

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Poetry in Motion

You will be missed. I too, may be moving soon - just want to know where. Cheers! Please truly enjoy your solitude.


On the other hand, by the time you read this. You may have finished moving, and life will have returned to "normal." So...


Welcome back!

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Wherever you are...

It's interesting that wherever you are, your Red Room community stays with you. I'm wrapping up things tonight and withdrawing tomorrow. It's not just moving - it's other things as well. I will enjoy my solitude, thank you! I will be checking in but not participating. Red Room is my home page at the moment so I'll be like Mary Walsh and be the silent observer for awhile. I really hope things go well for you and your husband and that you find a compatible place to live. Thanks so much for your contribution to my Red Room experience. ~ Harrison.

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I'm really not shallow -just honest!

Oh my gosh, Harrison. Your other picture was beautiful but the new one is gorgeous!!! Somewhere I know you can hear my Daughters groaning, "Mom has another one to add to her list".You see I always tell them that I have a list of beautiful woman,(inside and out)who I plan to negotiate with the Lord for a contractual amount of look alike time when I reach the "Cosmetic Imaging Room" in heaven.But understand this list includes all woman of substance.(Of which you are one!)If He agrees I will have to wear a name tag most days to avoid confusion.I promise that I will not steal your spirit and/or plaglarize.( Now my Daughters are prompting me to assure you that I'm not crazy and that I do act normal in most 9:00AM - 5:00PM time frames.)

As you can see I am beginning to display "separation anxiety " But enjoy yourself, Harrison, and continue to accomplish great creative moments. But don't forget to come back. You are a light in this global window of Red Room. I am sincere!

Mary Walsh

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Sweet sorrow...

Yes, this photo is nicer because in it I am eleven years younger! I felt ten years younger today so I put it up in honour of the occasion. The former photo is more accurate but since I see on Facebook photos of people as babies and teacups and kangaroos, I figured I'd put this up. It's still me and it is an accurate portrait of how I feel if not how I look now. You're welcome to my 1999 face. More trouble at times than it was worth. I'll take Greer Garson's face in heaven. (Or Paul Newman's.) I don't think you're crazy. The guy who cut my picture out of a magazine and made a T-Shirt out of it and met me at every airport in the West during my previous book tour wearing the shirt was crazy. I ended up having two Klingons as body guards and I'm dead serious. Neither your veracity nor your sincerity are for a second doubted in this quarter. I'm just curious as to what happens between 5:01 pm and 8:59 am. But that will have to wait until I return. If there is anything urgent, I am on Facebook and academia.edu I really am having a short respite. A distractionless (for me) retreat. I look forward to your engaging posts on my return - and many many thanks for the compliments. ~ Harrison

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Lovely Photo Harrison, and

Lovely Photo Harrison, and you will find some interesting things being away from the Net. I took 40 days and 40 nights and am still away. I came to see what you've been writing. Still working slowly and tastefully on starry nights through the artists way and boy have I found some interesting things about me. I am going to get in touch with you by email when you are back and catch up. Sharing is a wonderful sport, don't you think? :-)

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Thank you for the compliments, both literal and implicit. I will however, be changing my photo back. Symbols, I find, are impermanent, and although this photo was an emblem of a state of being, the state will remain without it. So pleased to hear about the Artist's Way.  As for sharing, well, generally, no - I don't think sharing is a wonderful sport. Depending of course on what is shared. I'm willing to share philosophically, philanthopically, intellectually and artistically, but not personally. Of course everyone has a different notion of what is personal - and often I appear quite open.  But I am not. What is personal to me, remains so and only, occasionally, comes out in fiction. But I do like dialogue and interpersonal discourse, so in that sense, sharing can be wonderful. And again, thank you for communicating. :)

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Where You Are

Dear Harrison,

Somewhere, you are going into solitude sufficient for writing and going into intention serious enough to unpack years of memories and possessions. These two goals need not be at cross purposes, as you know.

What is charming is the long (temporary) goodbye, since we clearly are reluctant to have you leave, even if only for a moment.

For years I've threatened to change my address, and such a physical move has not happened, but what I have done is transform my current living space -- tossing out files and folders of papers which no longer serve, giving away books which are available in the library (not first editions), clearing boxes of things slowly, rearranging furniture and framed pictures. I've purchased three pieces: a maplewood chest for the hallway, a sofa table for the living room, a bookcase painted white for the kitchen (all those cookbooks). And so I find myself in a new home.

Happy housewarming. May you be surrounded by heartfelt memories as you unpack and restore.


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Dear Jeanne,

 Transforming one's living space is always a pleasure - and a creative act. There is certainly a great transformation underway here. We have three separate locations from which our household is being shipped. Two of them have arrived. The third and largest, has not and will not be here for two weeks, so, while I am delighted with what I have (re)discovered and purchased so far, the real joy has to wait until the bookshelves which are built and that may take a month or so, so an almost unbelievable number of books will be sitting in their boxes still.  But the shipment from Wales has brought me my beloved yew desk and quite a number of other treasures and that has been wondrous!  In between the tremendous tasks inherent to assembling this household and hom, I have managed to write a very long chapter of my dissertation, so curtailing other writing activities has been well worth the withdrawal. As for the long goodbye - I am touched - and appreciative. Thank you for your warm wishes - lovely thoughts which lift the heart!

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Change of Photos

The new photo is lovely, but I really loved the other one, the one on your site when I met you.


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Well, as you see, I have taken your preference to heart. (It also happens to be my ethical, if not aesthetic, preference!)