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Harlen Campbell's Books

Jennifer's Weave by Harlen Campbell
Most of us weave the fabric of our lives with strands selected from the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins. Jennifer Murphy found another thread, and when it began to unravel, she left a man with a knife in his chest on her kitchen floor in New Mexico and a cry for help on Rainbow Porter's door. Porter loves Jenny—in a way. At the very least, he has an affection and they...
From the Doubleday hardcover jacket: "In his riveting suspense-novel debut, Harlen Campbell takes us on a terrifying adventure into the dark and dangerous heart of old friendships and long-buried secrets. "Paul 'Rainbow' Porter is a man who prefers to live in controlled isolation on a mountain high above Albuquerque, New Mexico, but who descends from his aerie when...
Sea of Deception by Harlen Campbell
Nick Cowan lost his innocence and his wife in the Sea of Cortez. A small town in west Texas took a gamble on the future and lost everything. Paul Stafford lost her brother to Helen Daws, who never lost a thing in her life. And all of them are heading for a bloody rendezvous on the shores of the sea of deception.