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Leaving Work Early & Michael Jackson
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6:11pm Citrus Ave.
I am home. Left work early - not too early - 5:35pm. At 4:30pm I went to the gym in the basement at work, and since that's officially in the working facility, I consider that still on the clock.
But now I am home and I have the whole evening before me. I am drinking a glass of white wine from Portugal. I'm not supposed to be drinking wine. Not until the weekend(s). My brother-in-law, he's a personal trainer and has his own gym near the Grove, he says alcohol interferes with the recovery of workouts. So, I've been trying to limit my wine intake to Friday - Sunday. But tonight I am bored. Besides, I'm only having one glass. That's all that's left in the bottle.

Michael Jackson died this afternoon. He died six miles from my house. I was at the gym riding the reclining bicycle listening to Ice-Tea and the caption on the TV. read - "Breaking News - Michael Jackson - Heart Attack - Legendary Recording Artist - 50 years old - Found unconscious in L.A. home - More information on Jackson as it comes in - Report now from the Coroner's Office."

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Yes, Hannah, I heard it on

Yes, Hannah, I heard it on the TV last night before I went to bed. It's hard to believe, apparently he was about to make a comeback. Mp

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Such a sad day.

Michael Jackson. A legend. Sorely missed. I was shocked at the news. I'm still not feeling right. So sad. Disjointed emotions. Time heals? Right? I can only hope. Sad.

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Depok Chopra

On Larry King last night (June 26) I heard Dr. Depok Chopra suggest there are "unscrupulous" physicians who wish to attach themselves to stars and, in doing so, are willing--some of them--to over-prescribe addictive medications. And that this was the case, said Dr. Chopra, with Michael Jackson and his "physician."