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Tales From Gundarland
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Jane from Goodreads

 Tales From Gundarland is pure fantasy. Well known fairytales taken and spun with an added twist. On reading the prologue I thought this sounds good fun and I expected to be plunged into a similar world to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. These short stories are more comparable to Shrek but for an older audience. Romeo and Juliet was my favourite and had me laughing my head off. I also liked Boggarts Blue about Burga the warrior cook saving the Princess locked in the tower. This story does draw comparisons to Shrek, the Princess is not pleased with her rescuer who is not of noble blood. Remind you of a certain ginger Princess? King Lazlo is based on Farquaad in the Shrek movies.
Witty and quite funny, these short stories made a change from my usual reading. (less)