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FNN Report: Romney's secret debate strategy

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FNN has obtains a copy of a paper written to outline Governor Romney's secret debate strategy.  The paper calls for Romney to responsed to questions in the third Presidential debate with a quote from the Book of Mormon and nothing else.
Romney's debate staff has picked out a dozen passages that Romeny will use during the debate.  The thinking is that this strategy will demonstrate that Romeny has a Presidential demeanor and he is above the gutter politics used by the Democrats.  It will also baffle his opponent who will have hard time with his rebuttal of a quotation from a sacred text.
One passage to be quoted will refer to the advantages of a monarchy with a good king. Another will define the role of women.  That passage urges women to acknowledge their place in the Mormon belief system and accept their status. Other passages will frame Romney as the only candidate suitable for the role of President.
Romeny's staff belief that the election will be sown up by using this strategy and they are looking forward to a tongue-tied Obama, stuck dumb by the subtlety of the new approach and his unfamiliarity with the Book of Mormon