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FNN Report: NRA Demands More Regulations

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FNN’s political reporter, Stacy Conundrum, filed this report as the NRA demands more regulations.Today, the NRA held a press conference urging Congress to stop trying to pass new gun legislation and concentrate instead on knife regulations.
"Knives are completely unregulated," a spokesman said afterwards.  "Anyone can walk into a knife store and buy a knife, without a background check, without showing ID, without even telling the clerk their name. This is unlike buying a gun which is tightly regulated.  Too tightly regulated, if you ask me.  We must take action to stop the useless bloodshed caused by knifes which can do horrific damage when the knife is used by a violent person.  If Congress had bothered to pass legislation controlling knifes, the recent tragedy in a Texas community college might not have happened."

The spokesman continued, “It's about time Congress got serious about passing laws to restrict violence. Until Congress finally does something, law-abiding citizens will have to protect themselves from homicidal maniacs running amok with sharp blades. One way to put an end to the knife-wielding killers is to shoot them.  A gun will always trump a knife.  And Congress must make it illegal to own sabers, swords, machetes and lightsabers.  It's the least Congress can do to safeguard the citizens.”

A spokesperson for the National Knife Association (NKA) disagreed with the NRA position saying "knifes don’t kill people; people kill people."