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FNN Report: NRA announces a new game show "The Caliber is Right"

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FNN political reporter Stacy Conundrum confirmed today that the National Rifle Association (NRA) this Fall will put on new TV game show called The Caliber is Right.

Similar to other game shows, contestants picked at random from the audience will guess at a correct answer for a displayed product. In this show, however, the object isn't to guess the price, the object is to guess the caliber of a weapon or the number of rounds in a clip. Any contestant who guess the right answer, moves on to the next round of guesses. In the third round, surviving contests go for the Grand Prize. They'll compete for stuff like a 50 caliber sniper rifle with a laser target finder and a hundred rounds of armor-piercing bullets. Another grand prize is an all-expense two-week survival training course in an unidentified location. The training will be conducted by a white supremacist group of pseudo-terrorists.
Each show will have a different member of Congress as the guest host. These hosts will recieve a stipend of a hundred thousand dollars that can be used to help  finance their re-election campaign.
A NRA spokesman said the show will counteract the salicious lies of the liberals and will go a long way to improve the favorability rating of the NRA with true Americans.

To get tickets to a show, contact your local NRA field office and register with your NRA membership number.