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Then & Now (Again)

Now (Again)


we had Zen beatitudes



we have Wanna-be-attitudes


we had FM rock & hot rods



we have AM talk & road rage


we had intellectual discovery



we have video poker machines


we had free speech



we have cell phones


we had insight and dreams



we have incubus and schemes


we had Be Here Now



we have What Ever...


© 2008 Hammond Guthrie

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Since you are friends with Peter, I see the same flow of thoughts about the lack of involvement in our culture. We blog but we don't march? But I think the blogs and Internet connections have brought anti-war marches to the streets and I saw that when the Olympics torch was in S.F. But I am a bit younger than you, so I don't know the extent of the marches of the 60's Vietnam protests. I am still thinking about what Peter Coyote said. I think we do get a lot of steam out via the Internet, which leaves little for marching and protests. But online we can sign protest signatures which get sent to the people in D.C. Is that not effective?

Thank you for the gift of this poem!

Eric Nichols gave this to me from the Bible:

Psalm 32:3... "When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long."

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If "Then" had its way with

If "Then" had its way with "Now," they would probably have gone for video poker and road rage in an instant back then if they'd had the choice. Human nature hasn't changed that much.

Since we are discussing "time" (I'm of the sixties generation), it's been what--only 30 or 40 years later?

There are relatively minor as well as major differences between "then" and "now." The "Masters of War" (Cheney with his five draft-deferrments) and his neocon cohorts (also draft dodgers), not to mention the Moron Puppet in the Oval Puppet (draft dodger supremo) have LEARNED the lessons from the sixties (except for the moron, of course). Because indeed they have been imprinted by them and their world view has changed little except in terms of strategy--i.e. how to short-circuit the "protest movement" they were familiar with in the sixties and early seventies.

That is the prime reason there is no military draft today--and no photos or television reportage of flag-draped caskets coming back; no "liberal progressive" talk-shows on Armed Forces Radio; only Fox-TV propaganda, and the hot air rants of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

My MAIN concern at the moment--as we enter the monsoon season of the presidential election (and the possible yet remote chance of "regime" change by law) is THIS:

The neocon power-brokers and intelligentsia of dirty tricks HAVE learned to finesse the dirty tricks of the sixties--i.e. FBI infiltration of protest groups, illegal spying on individuals, illegal break-ins etc.).

These tactics are all LEGAL now because the law-makers are the law-breakers of today--and THEN SOME.

Back to what concerns me so deeply: The power-cretins are planning to disrupt the Democratic convention in Denver.

Check out/Google this phony Homeland Defense/CIA/FBI (whoever they are, they work for the White House Cabal at their explicit orders) FRONT ORGANIZATION called "Recreate '68" (referring to the Chicago Riots at the time of the Democratic convention in Chicago 1968).

This totally phony "Recreate '68" organization is run by a stooge of the powers-that-be (he has a legal history behind him of causing public mayhem; and he probably isn't even AWARE that he is being used; like Oswald perhaps).

Recreate '68 has announced plans to conduct riots and anarchistic mayhem during the Democratic Convention of 2008 in Denver. They purport (fraudulently) to represent "the Left" and the "progressive" movement.

In tandem with this build-up plan to disrupt peace (imagine looting and burning, cars, buildings, maybe a few deaths), the right-wing talk-show stooges have been given their "talking point" orders to "encourage" public disorder "in the event that Hillary is not nominated."

Case in point: A day or two ago, Rush Limbaugh actually crossed the line by exhorting his drones to "riot and burn cars in the streets" of Denver. As background music during his rant, he played the tune of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas." Limbaugh has publicly dubbed this plan "Operation Chaos."

Some of his more "thinking"-listeners were appalled by this type of obvious provocation and public incitement to violence. One of them called him on it and asked him why he played "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas." Did he really mean to say "I'm Dreaming of a White Country"? Needless to say, Limbaugh huffed and puffed and then went into his rote act of tearing her (the listener) to shreds, calling her a "mush-mind."

Still, Limabugh and his cretin colleagues of the radio right have received their ranting orders from the Powers-That-Be. (The government-controlled FCC naturally hasn't even filed a peep of a complaint against the use of public air-waves by this "talk-show" host to incite bloody violence in the streets. Hardly surprising.)

Expect violent riots in Denver that will a) serve to "scare"/alarm the American public into voting for McCain who can be counted on "to preserve public order"--or, more frightening still (and to my mind, the more likely scenario to ensue) b) Bush will then drag out his "Directive 51" and declare martial law in this country. Which is what they ultimately want.

Add to this scenario, the high likelihood of a "preemptive strike" against Iran for its "WMD/nuclear" arsenal/capability, and the level of national tensions will be exacerbated.

The White House cabal may dress the "crisis" up by "inviting" McCain to serve as some sort of "democratic proconsul" etc in the "Bush government" (to project the illusion of civil law as opposed to raw "martial law"), but the end result will be this: The final dissolution of democracy in this country.

Dissidents will be termed "domestic terrorists" and Halliburton's already constructed concentration camps will be open for business--first, with a "soft opening" for the intake of "violent demonstrators" threatening "democracy" in this country; then finally, "come one and come all;" "liberal bleedings hearts," intellectuals, and ANYBODY who opposes the current illegal regime will be put away in camps.

If you think I am concocting a surreal and out-of-touch-with reality scenario, especially in regard to this pro-violence, government-backed "Recreate '68" anarchist movement; let me point out that it's happened before.

The Chicago Riots of 1968 were a set-up job by Nixon's Dept. of Dirty Tricks. This is all documented and the truth was laid bare in Senator Frank Church's Congressional hearings of 1972 (not precise about the date; Google it, disbelievers). Sen. Church's hearings laid out incontrovertible evidence that the FBI and Nixon's agents procateurs were behind the public display of violence in Chicago '68. The anti-war protesters were by and large non-violent and peaceful. Their ranks had been infiltrated by the White House thugs and brownshirts.

The American public, as usual, fell for the lie.

Watch what happens in Denver at the Democratic Convention this summer. That will be the greenlighting of the dissolution of what remains of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Anyone care to place a bet about the coming October/November surprise?




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now and then

"Then" is sometimes more clear and lively in my mind than "now," Hammond. Then there was stimulus, connection, aftermath and, dare I say it--joy, along with outrage. Reaction bred action--spontaneous, principled, enthusiastic, hopeful, and creative. Is my memory of the mid-sixties through the early seventies blurred? I can summon it like newsreels, slightly faded but full of telling details.

 I know that the man whose comments precede mine is sincere and his words meaningful and maybe even accurate and prescient, but I cannot read them.  I am as upset and offput as he, but I cannot summon or sustain the required virulence necessary to keep walking that outraged path.   I believe in working to repair the world but can only do it through interacting with those who come my way. The old mottoes, let there be peace, and let it begin with me, ring true for me now, whether or not they did then.

Truth be told, I love and am grateful for my now. Um, is there anything else?

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re: >>The old mottoes, let

re: >>The old mottoes, let there be peace, and let it begin with me, ring true for me now, whether or not they did then.<<

Then . . . before THAT "then", there was the "other" then: "Peace in our time." With Neville Chamberlain's "V" sign at the airport that would later be bombed.

And his rolled-up umbrella that did little to deflect the bombs that would rain down on London.

Passivity is what they want and expect from us. So far they have been more prescient than anyone in terms of their accurate reading of the American character.


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Now vs Then

Gittel - Thanks so much for your comments (and those from Belle and Alexander as well!). I am a Buddhist and much like yourself I endeavor to "repair the world but can only do it through interacting with those who come my way." Your remembrance (in brief) of the mid-60s seems clear to me vs. blurry. Following my deferment from the military (I wasn't what they were looking for), I left the country because the "price of freedom" at that time had frankly become way too expensive for me. I felt that the entire process of governing this nation was a corrupt, amoral, military/industrial machine that was fully owned and operated by pathological liars, and didn't return to the states until Carter was in office. The time was different - the war was over - the sun was out and people seems to have hope again. I hung up my ex-patriotic ways and became a health professional wanting to contribute to the health and well-being of others vs. staying on the nomadic road. I registered to vote - went to Earth Day celebrations and began recycling etc etc etc... And NOW here in 2008 more than 40 years later I find that for all of my efforts and the efforts of thousands of others in the 60s (and beyond) that our governing process is still fully owned and operated by the same bunch of pathological liars - pushing their grubby neo-con war in our faces. March - protest - rebel? What possible good would it do me or you? I believe that at this stage the only real "changes" we can make are within ourselves as human beings. We lost the war in the 60s - the government won by a landslide. Recycling the past has gotten us to the point where so many of the things we seemingly can't live without might just kill us.

Don't regret the future - most simply you are either a part of the problem or you're not - there is no solution, and nothing much has changed.... Yet - if he gains the nomination I will vote for Obama in the hope that he will walk the walk as well as talk the talk. If he doesn't get the nomination I don't think I will bother voting at all. Or am I just being a by-product of the 60s?

Heaven help us all to forgive our transgressors.