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Jan.13.2009 - 9:51 pm
Six years ago today my father dropped dead of a heart attack while running on the treadmill at the gym. He was 59. He had run his whole life, or at least from the time, at age 7,...
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Dec.25.2008 - 8:36 pm
My mother's grandfather was in vaudeville. Every Christmas her Pappy perpetuated the Santa ruse with aplomb. My mom was a champion of truth and justice from a young age. Each year...
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Dec.12.2008 - 9:32 am
Unbelievably the London sun was shining again. It was late morning, GMT, and light filtered through my windows, strong enough to penetrate the drapery but not so strong as to...
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Nov.24.2008 - 8:50 am
When I was nine years old I called Debbie Reynolds "Mom." I was in a show with Harve Presnell, an actor my generation would probably most recognize as Mr. Springbrook...
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Comments from Hally

Dec.16.2008 - 8:13 am
In response to: Bless Me, Save Me, I am an Adulteress
i had no idea. have put it in my netflix queue. thank you!
Dec.13.2008 - 3:32 pm
In response to: Bless Me, Save Me, I am an Adulteress
hello kindred spirit. from someone who sobbed when i'd finished devouring all nine seasons of upstairs, downstairs in...
Nov.17.2008 - 10:34 am
In response to: Packing My Emotional Baggage
i have written just such a thing. it's a television dramedy called "anglophilia" about a brainy american...
Nov.10.2008 - 7:47 am
In response to: Bodies at Rest; Bodies in Motion
 i'd certainly endow myself with nobler qualities if this were a fiction. 
Nov.08.2008 - 2:56 pm
In response to: Licking the Brick
i don't like the word helix though. think i'll just go with twist. thanks. h