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Review of Look Down, This is Where it Must Have Happened
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Susan G. Cole
Now Magazine

But when Niedzviecki applies his astute observational powers to themes he understands through and through, he’s superb. In the very sharp Undead, about a man obsessed with videotaped funerals, he taps the web consciousness he displayed in The Peep Diaries. In the comic Sometime Next Sunrise, a couple go on holiday in Florida with the guy’s parents. And the last story, in which students take an assignment in their sociology course on terrorism a little too far, suggests Niedzviecki has a terrific future as a ferocious satirist.

Displacement, about an internment camp survivor and cream cheese mogul who loses his sense of self when he starts developing flavours to appeal to the non-Jewish market (chocolate cream cheese, anyone?) is the best of the bunch.