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Peep Site of the Week: TXTS FRM LST NGHT

Yes, it’s a new feature here in Peepville, the PEEP SITE OF THE WEEK. Here, sites new and old will vie for the title of Peep Site of the Week. Which site best turns everyday existence into entertainment? Got a suggestion or candidate for me? Please, send it over!   So the winner this week is TFLN: TXTS FRM LST NGHT. The site basically features people sending in the drunken text messages they sent or received so that others can laugh, cry and, of course, comment. Each message is preceded by the area code they were supposedly sent from, which presumably lends the messages an aura of veracity.   Txtsfromlastnight   The messages range from the crude: (317): Thanks again for letting me crash last nite. Sorry I banged your little brother. 4 Comments: 1) Whoa….. been there done that…!!! 2) I know that’s you Dana…and you’re welcome. 3) that’s what friends are for…... 4) Too bad You;re a DUDE!!!! Otherwise, my little brother would’ve liked it!!!! Now all he says is, “Man, my butt hurts!”


To the depressing: (310): Why did I cab home last night?
(1-310): Because you said you were drunk, sad, and someone called you a hooker. 0 Comments


To the almost funny: (602): OMG Im so trashed fishy! im sitting hereon my bed wif mcdonalds n i look like david hasselhoff!!!!!! kill me now 1 Comment: Word. at least no one videotaped you.   Well, have fun wasting an hour on this site, I know I did. TXTS FRM LST NGHT you are the PEEP SITE OF THE WEEK! (And I’d be surprised if they don’t already have a book deal…but that’s another post altogether.)