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Ground Control to Major Matt Mason

Earliest Memory. I remember an action figure. Major Matt Mason. An astronaut. Like G.I. Joe but better. 

As I remember it, my Major Matt Mason wore an orange spacesuit and had a white helmet. I recall moving the visor up and down on that helmet, though I don’t know if I really did that. This could be something my memory is tricking me into believing.  

Up until a couple of years ago, I hadn’t thought about Major Matt Mason at all. Then, out of nowhere, he popped into my mind like he’d just returned from a 45-year trip to the Moon.  

Wanting to learn more about this long-lost friend, I googled "Major Matt Mason" and read something about a film being in the works. Tom Hanks is rumored to be involved. Of course he is.  

My earliest memory takes place in our family home in South San Francisco. We lived there until I was five years old, so it had to be before that, though I don't remember my exact age at the time.   

In my memory, I'm standing on the couch in front of the window in the living room. I'm bouncing on the couch and holding up Major Matt Mason for all the world to see.   

My friends, two brothers named Phillip and Freddy, lived in a house across the street. I might have been waving to them, with Major Matt Mason swinging in my hand, but truthfully I don't recall if I was waving to anyone at all.  

Sometimes the memory changes, and I see Major Matt Mason flying through the air and landing high up in a tree in our front yard. I don't remember if he ever came down.      

My earliest memory is more like a dream than something that actually happened.